CubeDesktop NXT

The ultimate 3D virtual desktop manager

Say goodbye to desktop cluttering! CubeDesktop NXT helps you to organize your space and increase your productivity.

Build 2013.0420

Released 21th April 2013

+ Added a new setting to customize the initial distance of the 3d cube and all other effects.

+ Added new settings to customize the transparency of the windows and desktops.

+ Added different backgrounds for the rendering window. CubeDesktop NXT comes with six predefined backgrounds that range from light to dark ones, also allowing the user to set any picture as background.

+ Solved an issue related to windows being rendered black. Users affected by this issue can enable a new "Compatible rendering mode" that fixes it.

+ Better management of desktop icons. On some systems toggling the visibility of an icon was not working as expected.

+ Enhanced "private desktops". Now they're harder to view if you lost their password.

+ After a new install or an upgrade, CubeDesktop NXT will search for previous settings and let the user decide to keep them or reset to the default ones.

+ Pressing the "dot" key during the rendering will cause CubeDesktop NXT to take a screenshot and save it to your pictures folder. Screenshots are transparent PNG images and don't contain any background information, allowing an easier integration into web pages and other design software.

+ Small bug fixes and performance improvements.



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