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We're Thinking Minds Building Bytes

What we do

Basically ... we're a privately owned company focused on the development of innovative, useful and easy to use software for the Windows platform. We founded Thinking Minds Building Bytes (a.k.a. TMBB) in February 2008.

CubeDesktop is our flagship product and was released in October 2007. It continues to receive excellent reviews around the world and has been localised into all major languages.

Since then we've developed other cool applications like DeskCollage, DeskMotive and DeskPose 2D.

Now we work on some new applications like CubeDesktop 2, WorkSpaces, DeskPose 3D, KeepAnEye or NoteCool. Why not take a look at our Labs page to see their development?

Where to find us

Thinking Minds, Building Bytes SL
Molinets, 22
07320 Santa Maria del Cami

If you need to contact TMBB team, why not send us an email?

Meet the founders

Jorgia Denclar

Born in Barcelona, Jorgia declares herself as the "Thinking Mind" part of the company.

After some years studing to get her mathematics degree, she founded Thinking Minds Building Bytes with her friend Arturo.

She's an avid cat lover!.

Arturo Arevalo

Born in Palma, Arturo is the "Building Byte" part of the company. He started programming with a ZX Spectrum at the age of 8 ... and has not stopped since then.

After too many years working as software developer, Arturo finally plucked up the courage to wave goodbye to the bright lights and steady 9-7 job to make Thinking Minds Building Bytes a full-time venture.

When hes not writing code at the headquarters, you'll find him writing code at home or reading a good book. He's also an avid cat lover, a passion that shares with Jorgia.

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